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MzanziSpy is makoya Spy Software for South African smart phones and tablets

Beware imitations and online spyware scams - try our software free before you buy it!

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Awesome Features

Turn a regular smart phone into a hi-tech spy phone - 007 style

Listen to conversations

Listen to voice calls in real-time directly on your phone or record voice calls, Skype and Viber calls, and listen to them on your computer at any time.

Read messages and chats

See copies of sent, received and even deleted messages like SMS, MMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Hangouts and more

Remote surveillance

Remotely trigger the phone's camera and take secret snapshots or video clips and then send the footage to you. See what is happening around the target

Stealth Bugging

Remotely trigger the microphone to record surrounding audio or dial into the target phone from your phone to listen live to what's happening

Track location and movements

Get up to the minute location information using GPS, cell towers and WiFi. Know where the phone currently is, and see where it has been.

Monitor Applications

Access app data like web browser history, phone logs and lists, the address book, calendar, and other productivity apps and monitor app usage.

Access User Media

See what photos and videos the user takes with the target phone and also know what images are being shared with others or stored on the phone.

Global Monitoring

You can monitor the target phone from anywhere in the world, and the target phone itself can be located in any country and still be monitored.

Remote Control and Access

Remotely control the target phone, wipe the phone or uninstall MzanziSpy from your phone via SMS or from your computer via the web control panel.

Be a Fly on the Wall

Powerful remote surveillance and bugging features let you know what is really happening
Stealth Video Remotely activate the video camera and take secret video clips of activities taking place
Stealth Photos Remotely trigger the still camera to take silent photographs of activities taking place
Room Bug Eavesdrop on the target phone by dialling into the microphone and listening to surroundings
After Call Recording Record audio from the mic after calls so you can hear what the person says to others
Background Recording Record audio from the microphone on demand or for a specific time every so often

Know who they're in contact with

With MzanziSpy you won't be left wondering who they are or texting or talking to

MzanziSpy lets you see precisely who they are chatting to on instant messaging and social media applications. See the other person's details and know who their chat buddies, close Facebook friends and regular contacts are.

All contact details stored on the target phone are uploaded to your web control panel for you to see. As new contacts are added or changed, the new data will be added and you will know if they've changed "John" to "Pizza".

You can receive instant alerts via SMS if communication occurs between the target and specific people or phone numbers. On many devices MzanziSpy lets you block communications with certain people or numbers.

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Know what they talk about

Whether they text, chat or talk, you'll know what is being said

Whether you suspect that your child is lying to you or is involved in an inappropriate relationship or whether you're a business owner that suspects an employee of selling trade secrets to the competition, you need to know what is being discussed with whom.

MzanziSpy gives you access to voice calls, VoIP calls, text and multimedia messages, emails, social networking, instant messages and chats. Read or listen to both sides of the conversation, and have access to that information even if the person deleted their logs or messages.

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Know where they are

Keep tabs on where they currently are and where they've been

Using GPS, cell towers and WiFi MzanziSpy is able to provide you with the current location of the target device. Either view the location on a street map or satellite image, or have the location sent to your phone via SMS.

See the person's historical movements plotted on a map and know where they've been. A new feature allows you to animate the target phone's movements on a Google map so you can follow the same path that they've taken.

Don't be left wondering when you're told "I'm working late at the office" or "I'm staying at Sam's house". Not only will you know where they really are but you can be notified by SMS immediately they move away from where they are.

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Take a Quick Tour

Watch this video to get a basic idea of how MzanziSpy works

MzanziSpy is so easy to use that grandma could do it. Serious? Se-ri-ous.

You must have the target phone in your hands for a few minutes - there's no other way to spy on a cell phone apart from arranging the person a new cell phone. If you're really not that into cell phones or technology then you can make use of our remote installation assistance service. You can sit back and relax while our technicians do nearly everything remotely for you. You will still need the phone, but you'll only need to do a few simple things to get the ball rolling.

MzanziSpy Screenshots

Don't get put off by how many options and features there are - you can set them all remotely

Local is Lekker. fo sho.

Here's what MzanziSpy gives you that our competitors cannot

Before you get too excited, remote installation does NOT mean that you do not need to have access to the target phone. You will still need to get the phone in your hands for a minute or two so that you can quickly load a file onto the phone. We'll do everything else remotely without any indication on the target phone that we're busy. Sit back and relax while we make sure that MzanziSpy is set up and working the way it should.

MzanziSpy is guaranteed for entire time that you use it (i.e. the lifetime of your software license). This guarantee is underwritten by the Consumer Protection Act and our fair refund and return policy safeguards you against purchases in error, software defects and faults, misleading advertising and other unfair situations while also ensuring that the software functions exactly as advertised and that you get what you pay for.

We're South African too, and that makes things much easier for you. From having technical support available when you need it, to being able to pay via debit order or EFT (in addition to credit card or Bitcoin), to having peace of mind that you're covered by the Consumer Protection Act - buying local makes sense. Try our demo and you'll see that MzanziSpy is truly the most powerful, stealthy and feature-packed spy product available.

Download the FREE trial

A FREE 2-day trial version is available for these phone types (Click icon to download).

Windows store button * Must be jailbroken


Google play button * Should be rooted

Packages and Prices

There's a MzanziSpy package for everyone. Contact us if you'd like a custom package.


For Short Term Use
  • 3 Month License
  • Email Support
  • Business-Hours Support
  • 150MB Cloud Storage
  • FREE Updates
By purchasing Mzanzispy you indicate that you have read and accept our terms and conditions (click here) BUY ONLINE NOW


Recommended for most people
  • 1 Year License
  • Email/Helpdesk Support
  • Extended Support 9am-9pm
  • 300MB Cloud Storage
  • FREE Updates
By purchasing Mzanzispy you indicate that you have read and accept our terms and conditions (click here) BUY ONLINE NOW


For those who want all the extras
  • 2 Year License
  • Phone/Email/Helpdesk Support
  • Any Hour Support
  • 500MB Cloud Storage
  • FREE Updates
By purchasing Mzanzispy you indicate that you have read and accept our terms and conditions (click here) BUY ONLINE NOW